Design The poets One is a multi-channel guitar preamp pedal. Its true analog circuitry is designed to emulate four different tube amp channels: Texas Twang, British Classic, British Modern and U.S. High Gain. With the unique 3D-printed housing and the massive transparent cover out of hardened plexiglass XT it certainly is a real eye-catcher.
Controls Controlling the preamp can be easily done with just two buttons: A true bypass switch for enabling or disabling the unit and up to 6 presets that can be selected by pushing a momentary switch. The pedal’s state and the active preset are visualized by 5 LEDs. You can use your smartphone to modify existing sound presets or create new ones. The poets One app provides the following functions: channel select, preset select (0…5), store and retrieve presets. Additionally, the sound of a preset can be adjusted by controls for Boost (Texas Twang only), Gain, Volume, Treble, Bass and Mid (amp voicing).
Power Supply Use a 9V battery or a supply unit with 9V – 12V and (-) polarity on the inside (“BOSS standard”). The power consumption will be about 55mA max. Two LEDs allow the monitoring of the supply voltage – green: voltage is okay, red: change battery by time.
Bluetooth Bluetooth is supplied by a certified Microchip Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) module. For switching the wireless connection on or off, you need to press & hold the select button for more than 3 seconds. The BLE status is visualized by a blue LED.
Jacks For guitar and amp connection, the pedal is equipped with high quality 6.3mm phone jack sockets.
Dimensions Width: 107mm, length: 107mm, height: 45mm (62mm with buttons and rubber feet), weight: 310g (incl. battery).